4 Reasons To Buy From Fire One Up

4 Reasons To Buy From Fire One Up

December 30, 2021

At Fire One Up, we carry only the best in wood-fired and hybrid pizza ovens. Our goal is to offer customers throughout the US and Canada with high-quality PINNACOLO Pizza Ovens to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Designed specifically to withstand North American weather, our pizza ovens can elevate your outdoor patio into an outdoor kitchen you’ll love cooking in.

We Offer a One-Year Warranty

When you purchase a pizza oven from Fire One Up, we always include a one-year warranty. This warranty covers defects of the dome and cooking chamber so that when you purchase from us, you can rest assured you’re receiving a quality outdoor oven that is backed by our team. And because we believe in the quality and construction of our products so much, we also offer continued support beyond the one-year window via live chat or email.


We Ship to Canada and the USA

At Fire One Up, we are located in Canada. However, we are dedicated to providing pizza enthusiasts across Canada and the USA with an elevated cooking experience with our PINNACOLO Pizza Ovens. We’ll ship throughout the US and even provide free shipping throughout Canada!

We Include Accessories

When you order your pizza oven from Fire One Up, we include hundreds of dollars worth of accessories to further enhance your outdoor cooking experience. From a pizza cutter and peel to special high-temperature gloves, and more, you’ll receive everything you need to make delicious wood-fired pizza right in your backyard. Accessories we provide with the purchase of the PINNACOLO PREMIO Pizza Oven include:

  • 12” pizza peel

  • Stainless side shelf

  • Cleaning broom with scraper

  • Stainless steel pizza rocker cutter

  • Weatherproof cover

  • Infrared thermometer

  • High-temperature gloves

  • Stainless steel fire separator

  • And a bonus PINNACOLO Apron!


You Can Enjoy High Temperature Cooking for the Perfect Pizza

The PINNACOLO PREMIO Pizza Oven can reach up to 1000° F. With recommended cooking temperatures between 650° and 800°F, our oven easily reaches the temperatures needed for professional-level wood-fired pizza cooking! 

Order Your Pizza Oven From Fire One Up 

Do you love the taste of a traditional wood-fired pizza? Now with the PINNACOLO Pizza Oven from Fire One Up, you can make pizzeria-quality pizza right in your own backyard. You can also cook delicious desserts, steaks, and more! Order your pizza oven from Fire One Up today!

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